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Shenzhen Hua Si Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, specializing in power semiconductor devices (MOS tubes) and integrated circuit (IC) research and development and sales. The company integrated domestic first-class semiconductor elite R & D team and equipment, with rigorous, scientific and systematic research and development, quality control and marketing management, at the same time, in close cooperation with large domestic Fabs and packaging plant, careful manufacture high-quality products, we provide the superior leadership with independent intellectual property rights, technology, products and service to the market. The company is committed to become China's semiconductor star, for China's semiconductor industry to make a great contribution. At the same time, the company also provides power supply, home appliances, digital industry to provide related programs and undertake various electronic products technology development. China Silicon enterprises adhere to the "integrity, professionalism, sustainable development" business philosophy, has a very powerful marketing team and a large number of long-term strategic partners. The future, we will continue to strengthen service quality, to provide customers with "1+1 service" as the goal, and work together with corporate colleagues, brothers and units close cooperation, and sincere cooperation with customers! We should jointly open up a bigger blueprint and create a win-win situation with all of us!

Hua si Values : Benevolence, harmony and harmony
Hua Si Vision : A member of China Semiconductor
Build the backbone of China Semiconductor
Hua Si Mission: let customers have no hard to find chip